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7 Great Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Good Evening Divas! And welcome to Tax Season! If you are anything like me, you have been planning how you will use your tax refund for several months now. In speaking with my fellow Professional Divas, I’ve uncovered many different uses for tax refunds. Some Divas will use their tax refund to contribute to the cost of their weddings. Others plan to use their tax refund for a relaxing vacation. Many plan to save and/or invest their tax refund in preparation for retirement. The common denominator here is that there is a plan! 

In speaking with these Divas, I thought it would be a great idea to compile a short list of great ways to spend your tax refund this year. This is not an all inclusive list, but it’s a start! Let me know what you think!

1. Save It This is the simplest thing to do with your tax refund. If you choose to do so, be sure to meet with a financial planner, who may be able to highlight several different savings options that can help you achieve the greatest yield.

2. Pay Off Credit Cards Being in debt sucks! Plain and simple! Debt is, however, a reality in many of our lives. In order to alleviate the agony of making monthly credit card payments, use your tax refund to pay off, or pay down, your balance. You would feel better, and your credit score will thank you!

3. Start or Contribute to Your Emergency Fund How many times have you been advised to have at least six months worth of living expenses tucked away in case of an emergency? The better question is have you done it? If not, use your tax refund to start your emergency fund. If you have already started your emergency fund, but have not hit the 6-month threshold, use your tax refund to help you get there. Easy, right?

4. Make an Extra Mortgage or Student Loan Payment This is another easy one. If done every year, using your tax refund to make extra mortgage or student loan payments could dramatically reduce your payoff time. Enough said!

5. Invest in You As Professional Divas, our careers are extremely important to us. So important, in fact, that we strive everyday to be the best at what we do. In an effort to preserve the fabulousness that is you, why not spend some of your tax refund to make you more fabulous. Use your tax refund to take a continuing education class, or enroll in an education program that will help you advance to a higher position, or be better in your current position. It can only make you a better professional. So just do it!

6. Treat Yourself You earned it! Use a portion of your tax refund on something you really want. A new dress or pair of shoes, a kitchen appliance, a new sofa, a vacation, a wedding….whatever! How dull would life be if all you did was work to pay bills? Sometimes you have to treat yourself. Remember not to go overboard…there is a limit to this form of self indulgence. Be good to yourself, but also be smart.

7. Donate to Charity Do you have a charity that is near and dear to your heart? If so, why not make a donation to the charity in your name. You would be contributing to a great cause, and you could possibly write off your donation on next year’s taxes. Double win!  

Again, this list is certainly not all inclusive. If you have some clever ideas on how to spend your tax refund, please share! We’re listening!


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