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Hot App Alert...Hotel Tonight!

So...a couple of months ago, a good friend of mine called and told me he had just landed at Newark Airport. It was about 9 o'clock in the morning, and he couldn't check into his hotel until noon. When I asked him which hotel he needed me to take him to, he replied "I don't know yet." Huh? I was confused and needed answers. He then told me about a great smartphone app, Hotel Tonight. Here's how it works...

Hotel Tonight is an app that provides last-minute deals on unsold hotel rooms at high-rated hotels...at up to 70% off! So, if you decided to take a last minute trip somewhere, you can use the Hotel Tonight app to find a hotel in that city at the last minute for a pretty sweet price. Now I know you may be thinking "what kind of hotel...a raggedy one?" I thought the same thing until I checked out the app. For example, at the present time Hotel Tonight has deals in New York City at the following hotels: the Paramount Hotel Times Square ($189), the Algonquin Hotel ($209), and the Casablanca Hotel ($219), each of which are top-rated establishments. Not too shabby, huh? You can see deals like this in cites across the country and abroad. But there is a catch...

Hotel Tonight requires that you wait until noon to see the deals in the city in which you are looking for a hotel, hence the reason my friend had to wait until noon to see where he was staying. The other catch is that you cannot guarantee a particular type of room, so you may have to settle for a Queen size room instead of a King. In any event, Hotel Tonight is a great app for frequent and last-minute travelers, including the business traveler. And if you've ever been stuck in an unfamiliar city due to a cancelled flight, Hotel Tonight can prove to be extremely valuable.

I haven't had a chance to use the app for myself, but I know quite a few folks who think that Hotel Tonight is a lifesaver...and it is my pleasure to share this hot app with you! For more information on Hotel Tonight, check out their website

Have any of you heard of the Hotel Tonight app? If so, how do you like it? Has it been as useful as I think it is? Let us know!


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