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About the Bar Exam...

My Lucky Bar Exam Shirt courtesy of Zazzle.com
There’s something about the last week of July that resonates with me. It was almost 6 years ago this week when I stepped into Madison Square Garden to take my first Bar Examination. Fresh off of the daunting feat of completing and graduating from law school two months prior, the Bar Examination is the culmination of 3 years or blood, sweat, and tears….literally!

And then there’s the two months of intense studying. Bar classes, endless practice exams, and multiple MBE questions. There are good moments, and bad moments. There are nagging doubts as to whether you can actually do this. And then there are instances when you know you can. The act of studying for a bar exam invokes several distinct emotions, all at the same time. You are happy to have completed law school, but afraid of what lies ahead. You are apprehensive, yet optimistic. You are one of thousands in the same predicament, yet you feel lonely and isolated. The myriad of emotions is common. And it all leads up to big exam during the last week of July.

This week, law school graduates all over the country will be taking the Bar Exam. Right now, thousands of eager, soon-to-be lawyers are settling into a routine that will repeat itself over the next few days: study, panic, study some more, panic some more, sleep, panic again, sleep some more, awake, and test. The one consistent emotion is fear, and a sense of “did I do everything I could do.” I am way too familiar with this feeling…been there, done that, wrote and starred in the made-for-TV movie. For all of you future esquires preparing to take one of the most important examinations of your life, please let me offer you these words of encouragement:

1. You know more than you think you do!

2. Don’t walk into the examination room with a defeated attitude. Own the fact that you are about to smash this test!

3. You are built for this! You made it through law school, now cross the finish line!

4. HE will never put more on you that you can bear.

Now go ahead and kick the Bar Exam’s ass! Do it like you’re doing it for TV! I’ll be waiting for you on the other side with a glass of your favorite martini to welcome you into an illustrious and exclusive group! Good Luck!

P.S. A special good luck goes out to Carly, Tamika, Darenda, and Luc!


  1. study, panic, study some more, panic some more, sleep, panic again, sleep some more, awake, and test: you got that right (lol). Bar Exam prep is like dieting; you're never sure about it before you see the results.


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