Martini Break!!!

Coconut Lime Martini

It’s Thursday. The heat has subsided. The weekend is upon us. So is August. 

Now what?

It’s time for a new martini recipe courtesy of the Martini Chronicles! This week, I thought I’d go for a tropical theme. After all, I would love to be on a tropical island somewhere…sitting on a beach chair…with my sunglasses…near an ocean with blue water…with a frozen drink in one hand…and my iPad in the other. Wishful thinking.

Since my island fantasy is not remotely realistic, I will settle for a really tasty martini. As such, I present the Coconut Lime Martini, inspired by my longing for a relaxing vacation. My hope is that you enjoy the intermingling of the coconut and lime flavors, and that it rejuvenates you over the weekend as you prepare for another work week. Fair enough? Perfect! Now go!


2 oz Coconut Flavored Vodka

1 oz Coconut Flavored Rum

1 oz Fresh Lime Juice

½ oz Rose’s® Lime Juice


Lime Wedges for Garnish


1. In a shaker, combine Vodka, Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Rose’s® Lime Juice, and Ice. Shake!

2. Strain mixture into a chilled martini glass.

3. Garnish with a lime.

There you have it! The Coconut Lime Martini is your key to the perfect island fantasy…kind of! Enjoy! And Drink Responsibly!


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