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My New Obsession!

Divas, I have a new obsession that I want to share with you. Last Friday, a friend and colleague of mine were discussing our workout routines. We both have recently adopted a “get healthy” platform, and were trading war stories on our escapades at the gym. After a few minutes of discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of becoming physically fit, my colleague invited me to join her on Saturday for Hot Yoga. I initially looked at her like she had three heads! She then began to tell me more about the classes she attend, her instructor, and, more importantly, how good she feels after the class.

Hot Yoga, which is quickly becoming a popular in the U.S., has many health benefits, including improved flexibility, detoxification, and stress relief. Additionally, Hot Yoga can aid in alleviating muscle and joint pain, and improving mobility. Sounds good right? I was intrigued…so intrigued that I agreed to accompany my colleague to the class the next day.

The Transcendent Yoga Center
I arrived at the yoga studio, and was greeted by a very pregnant instructor. She was sitting outside the yoga studio, and informed me that the room was already 103 degrees (Yikes!). She advised that I wait in the hall with her until class was ready to begin. Needless to say, I was two seconds away from running out the door, down the stairs, and back into my car. I have never been a fan of the heat, and here I was volunteering to do physical activity in a heated room…for an entire hour! I immediately reminded myself that a true Diva never runs away from a challenge, and I considered Hot Yoga a challenge. After all, it was something I had never done before in an environment in which I was not comfortable. But so what! I resisted the urge to run, and decided to go through with the class.

The second I stepped in the room, I instantly began sweating…..everywhere! The air was thick, and I found myself wondering if I was going to make it out alive. I laid down my yoga mat, took a big gulp of my lukewarm water, and pat myself dry with my new towel that I had purchased from the Rite Aid 15 minutes prior to my arrival at the studio. The instructor turned on smooth and soulful music, and the class began.

After the first two poses, I honestly considered throwing in the proverbial towel. After three more poses, however, my body seemed to miraculously adapt to the heat.  I began to relax…yes, I said the “R” word….I was relaxed! Anyone who knows me knows that relaxation does not come easily for me. But I was actually there! Now don’t get me wrong, I was definitely sweating bricks, and my hair had succumbed to the humidity. Additionally, I was sliding all over my mat due to the excess moisture that had formed on the bottom of my feet. The instructor came over to me several times, both to correct my poses and to ask if I needed to step outside and get some air. But I was honestly okay!

At the end of the hour, the instructor opened the door and the windows to let the air in and the heat out. I breathed a sigh of relief, but not just because the room was getting cooler. My body actually felt good! My muscles actually felt good! I felt good! Hot Yoga was a success! It was so successful that I am going back this Saturday for another class. I guess I’m hooked!

The moral of my little tale is twofold. First, Divas should NEVER be afraid to try something different and new. You may just miss a blessing by shying away from those things that make us uncomfortable, even if that discomfort is a result of venturing into the unknown. Second, Hot Yoga turned out to be an excellent stress reliever for me, which is something that many Professional Divas experience on a regular basis. It worked for me…maybe it will work for you!

As always, you should always check with your primary physician before embarking on any exercise routine. This is no exception….safety first! So, who’s going to try Hot Yoga?


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