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Fall Frenzy!!!

Greetings Divas and Gents! I trust that your week has gotten off to a productive start. As for myself, I started this week feeling excited about the impending season change. Why am I excited you ask? Because Fall is suddenly upon us! Now, I know Summer was way too short and Fall has not officially begun, but it’s never too late, in my opinion, to get excited about the inevitable. I’m sure we still have a few more 80+ degree days…but not too many! In honor of Fall, I have compiled a list of 5 things that give me this excited feeling about Fall. Are you ready? Well here I go!

5. Pleasant Weather! – Anyone who really knows me understands that I have a love/hate relationship with the Summer. I love warm weather, but I hate hot weather. And you know the kind of hot weather I’m talking about…that sticky, thick air, can’t breathe kind of heat! One thing I really dig about the Fall is that the temperature is comfortable. I can jog in the park without passing out from heat stroke. I can drop the top of my convertible without sweating like a pig.  And my electric bill is much lower because the AC is no longer necessary…windows up!  If that alone isn’t a reason to love the Fall, I don’t know what it!

4. Homecoming! – I had the privilege and the honor of attending the finest liberal arts colleges on the planet: Spelman College. Jaguars stand up! Yes, I am a die-hard Spelmanite, and every October I try to make it to Atlanta to Homecoming to fellowship with Spelmanites from all over the country. Homecoming is the one time of the year when I can see my friends from college. Definitely a Fall classic!

3. Football! – Thanks to my hubby and my ladies’ fantasy football league, I have developed a love for football. So much in fact that I was genuinely concerned and anxious when I thought the NFL season was not going to happen. Shout out to….ME…for switching from Cablevision to Verizon Fios this Summer. Now we have 20 sports channels and we can catch any and every game we want…Winning! Also this year, we have the option of checking out a whole fleet of college football games. Yes! Oh, and go Giants! And shout out to the Jets!

2. Trench Coats! – Trench coats are so…fancy! I love the elegance of a sleek, clean trench coat.  And they go great with my suits, dresses, slacks, and skirts. Check out some of these great trenches, and get yours quick!



Diane Von Furstenberg

1. Boots and Booties! – Yesss!!! I love boots and booties, and this fall is packed with fabulous footwear. Booties, ankle boots, calf boots, knee-high boots, thigh boots…I love and need them all! Here are a few that warrant a double take.

Victoria's Secret

Nine West


Christian Louboutin

Sam Edelman

So there you have my top 5! What are you excited about this Fall?


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