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Martini Break!!!

Red Berry Martini

Greetings Divas and Gents! Welcome to Thursday and the upcoming weekend! Although it’s not officially Fall, the weather in the Northeast has cooled down as the kiddies get ready to begin the school year.  But...where did Summer go? Is it just me, or did Summer creep in quietly, and left without a peep? Soon we will be embarking on cold temperatures, family holidays, and Uggs! In the meantime, I intend to enjoy the final days of Summer with a martini recipe that transitions well into the fall. The Red Berry Martini is a fairly simple recipe that I hope will remind you of Summer, and prepare you for Fall. You will let me know if it does the trick, right? I knew I could count on you guys! And now I present the Red Berry Martini!  

3 oz Ciroc® Red Berry Vodka
2 oz Cranberry-Grape Juice Cocktail
Frozen Blueberries and Raspberries for Garnish

1. Drop a few frozen berries in the bottom of a chilled martini glass.
2. In a shaker, combine Vodka, Cranberry-Grape Juice, and Ice. Shake!
3. Strain mixture into waiting martini glass.

And Voila! Let’s raise our respective Red Berry Martinis and toast to the end of Summer…cheers! And Drink Responsibly!


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