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Chronicle Quickie....Panty Hose vs. Tights vs. Leggings!

So…I was chatting with one of my high school mentees the other day and she asked me to settle a dispute she was having with a few of her friends regarding the difference between stockings and tights. Actually she said, “tights are like pants right? And panty hose go under your dresses right?” Me being the Professional Diva that I am found this to be the perfect opportunity for a lesson! In fact, this is a dispute that I myself have had with a few of my colleagues at some point in time. Now I know there may be some of you who disagree with my take on the stockings/tights/leggings distinction, so let’s use the Chronicles as a forum to discuss. Here is my take on the topic:

Panty Hose – Panty hose are the thinnest of the three. They are meant to be worn as an undergarment given their transparency. They are close fitting, and vary in levels of sheerness. They come in a variety of different styles, colors, and contain various amounts of spandex. In my opinion, professional women should wear panty hose, at the very least, when wearing dresses and skirts in an office environment. I even wear super-sheer panty hose during the Summer months because I think it presents a more polished look (many disagree with me here). In any event panty hose is an undergarment…simply meaning things go on top of them!  

Tights – Similar to panty hose, except thicker with little transparency. These are the leg wear you wore to school under that ugly, plaid elementary school uniform…or was that just me? Fortunately, tights have come a long way in the last few years. They come in so many different colors and designs…and they’re warm too! I like to wear tights during the colder months. They work really well with most dresses and underneath pant suits (I tend to stick with panty hose for skirt suits). What’s the most import thing to remember about tights? TIGHTS ARE NOT LEGGINGS! While tights are thicker than panty hose, they still have a semblance of transparency. So unless you want the world to see your unmentionables, do not substitute tights for leggings….don’t do it…I don’t care what the packaging says, don’t do it!

Leggings – Leggings are thick enough and sturdy enough to be worn as pants. Leggings are designed to be completely opaque, as they are typically made of spandex, lycra, nylon, cotton, and/or polyester. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles (think jeggings and zippers). I love leggings, but I don’t think they are appropriate in an office environment, regardless of how you dress them up. Again…just my opinion!

So this is my take on the differences between panty hose, tights, and leggings. What do you Divas think? 


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