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Getting Better Sleep...Maybe?

Greetings Divas and Gents! Let’s talk sleep shall we?! As some of you may know, I have a few sleep issues. Specifically, I sleep horribly! I typically don’t have a hard time falling asleep, but I have time staying asleep. Most nights I wake up at or around 3 o’clock in the morning and cannot fall back asleep. Sucks right? And I have tried so many different “remedies” that all promised to help people like me get better sleep…yeah…not working! 

I’ve tried placing lavender under my pillows…didn’t work

I’ve tried cleaning and organizing my bedroom because clutter is supposedly a sleep inhibitor…didn’t work

I even tried using those scented oil plug-ins with the “sleep inducing” fragrance…didn’t work, but my bedroom smelled awesome! 

The only thing that seems to work is the over-the-counter sleep aid that I take at least once a week to ensure that I get a least one good night of sleep. Horrible…I know!

Obviously, I keep missing this exit!
Needless to say, this lack of sleep is no bueno for a professional woman who works long hours. Now, I have never been one to recognize a problem and not attempt to solve it; as such, I’ve been doing a little internet research on ways to get better sleep. In doing so, I came across an article entitled "7 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep." In reading this article, I realized that I may be sabotaging my path to fabulous sleep! Of the 7 items listed, there are three items that I routinely violate. Check this out…

The article recommends that you Turn Off Electronics At Least 30 Minutes Before Bed. Apparently this includes phones, iPads, laptops, and televisions…seriously! First, I can’t imagine turning my phone off…what if someone is trying to reach me? And I often fall asleep while watching Netflix on my iPad. According to the article, the light that emits from these electronics keeps your brain awake, and therefore hinders sleep. Interesting!  And now this one…

The article recommends that you Use The Bed For Two Things Only: Sleeping And Sex. The article asserts that if you work or study while in bed, “you connect that stress level with sleeping.” Definitely a valid point. In addition to the 2 acceptable uses for the bed, I habitually work, blog, and watch television in bed. Could this be a contributing factor in my self-diagnosed insomnia? Maybe. Now check out this one…

The article suggests that you Keep Consistent Bed Times and Wake Up Times. The author suggests that you wake up and go to bed at or around the same time every day…including weekends. The problem with that is I don’t keep consistent work hours. Some days I’m out of work by 5, which means I finish my evening routine early (i.e. workout, cook dinner, blog). However, if I get out of work at 6:30…you see my point? And what about those evenings when you want to go out for dinner, or to a party, or to a happy hour that lasts way too long? These instances effectively ruin the whole “go to bed at the same time every night” thing. I have no doubt that keeping consistent bed  and wake up times is a great way to get better sleep…I’m just not convinced that it's realistic.

So here I am…still sleep deprived and trying to find a solution that does not involve a pharmaceutical. I am completely convinced that getting better sleep would make me a more effective and efficient professional, but how do I capture this elusive thing called...sleep? Any suggestions?


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